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Hey, thanks for checking out our page… we are SO happy to be here at 99.9 Gator Country! You can read a little bit more about us below, but feel free to email us with any other questions that you may have. We can’t wait to hear from you!
  • According to the NY Post, more and more moms are using playdates to social climb or make money. One mom says, there is nothing like being pitched a multi-level marketing concept when you are cornered because your kids are playing. I've (Eden) had this experience.Read more here!
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  • Have you ever been on a cruise? They tell you to be back at the boat at a certain time. Well, these parents found out that they meant it. Watch mom drop to the ground as she watches the ship sail away with her kids. Fortunately, the uncle was on board with them!
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  • So, Visa says the average prom night runs about $900. Steve says that the girl ends up spending more. Eden says, no, it's the guy! What do you say?
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  • Ok...we are sure there are other uses for this hover drone...but based on the video by the company Zero Zero we are pretty sure they are marketing this toward the selfie loving crowd. Pretty cool toy though!
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  • No, this JSO officer wasn't using his squad car to move! He was unsing ingenuity to get a couch off the Ortega Bridge! Way to go JSO!
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E-Mail Steve
I started my Florida radio adventure in 1993 at, of all places, WJXR in MacClenney … before it went full time Bargain Channel and still played Country music. I got to work in a studio that used to be a funeral home, and let’s just say there were some creeeeeepy shenanigans going on there overnight.

Next stop was the First Coast Traffic Center where I grabbed on to the Hoyle & Fizz Show on WAPE in the morning, hosted a talk show on WCRJ-AM at lunch, and went back for MORE traffic reporting in the afternoon with Trane On The Radio at WAPE. And Kelli-O at that ‘other’ Country station.

I wised up and took a full-time job at WAPE with the newly formed Big Ape Morning Zoo in 1995, thanks mostly to Eden Kendall tirelessly browbeating the Powers That Be to hire me. See what happens when you change out a dead battery in a pretty girls car? Just make sure she’s connected!

For 12 years we dominated morning radio in Jacksonville. Along the way, Hoyle and Ashley King went on their ways, and Eden, Amadeus, and I completed the run of The Morning Zoo.

We left WAPE in December of 2006 with heavy hearts and nowhere to go, but awaiting our next adventure … that ended up being here at Gator Country.

After 6 months “on the beach”, we took to the morning show on June 20, 2007 here at Gator, and after ages in radio I can say I have never been happier. I am blessed with dear friends and family.

So, what else do I do?

My spare time is filled with my 12 year old Siberian Husky Sinbad, whose daily walks have helped me lose some weight and get a little oxygenated blood to my brain every day, rain or shine.

I love to cook on my Big Green Egg on the weekends, and hang out at Mavericks with friends on Saturday nights. Football Sundays are all about the Jags, while NASCAR, the Suns, and Whitey’s Fish Camp spread themselves throughout the rest of the year.

If you see me at a Gator event, or cruisin’ around The Clay in my truck, wave and say “Hi” … I’ll probably talk your ear off, but I won’t bite.

Unless. Of course, you’re deep fried!


E-Mail Eden

Eden Kendall has been on the radio longer than is possible, given her youthful appearance. (Yes, these are her own words.) She is the married mother of two teen agers , Chloe (15) and Noah(18) aka Girl Child and Teen Boy, Many of our listeners say that they remember hearing about each pregnancy and kiddo’s early childhood.

Eden is an avid runner and her passion for kids and fitness led her to create The Easy Peasy Kids Fitness Foundation, a non profit organization whose mission it is to make fitness programs available to ALL children. She is a UF graduate (Go Gators!) and loves social media….so hit her up on Instagram @EdenKendall, or twitter @EdenKendall and @SteveandEden999, or on our Gator Country Facebookpage !

Once Eden is off the radio each weekday, she heads over to Unity Plaza where she hosts River City Live on WJXT Channel 4.


Easy Peasy Jax | Kids Fitness Foundation

The Easy Peasy Kids Fitness Foundation Mission Making Fitness Fun and Available for ALL Kids! At Easy Peasy our mission is to make fitness fun and available for ALL kids.




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