Michele Chase
Michele Chase
Weekdays, 10AM - 3PM

Place of Birth:
Tampa, Florida…YES, I REALLY am a FLORIDA NATIVE and PROUD of it! I’ve actually lived here all of my life except for a brief year stint in Los Angeles!

Favorite Football Team
GO BUCS, that’s OBVIOUS! Don’t worry I root for the JAGS too!

College Team:

Attended College:
Sure, I stopped by once to have LUNCH with a FRIEND !

(Daytona Beach, Los Angeles, Jacksonville)

Favorite things to do:
GO to the MOVIES, Work-out, be SARCASTIC and most importantly, EAT as much ITALIAN FOOD as POSSIBLE! (which should explain the WORKING OUT part )

Favorite Actress:
Jodie Foster

Favorite Actor:
Bruce Willis (and YES, I Think he looks just as GOOD bald…not to mention that grin! Gotta stop there Mom might read this!)

Favorite Movie:
that’s easy, “THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS”..it still scares the “bad word” out of me almost 15 years later…

Favorite Country Singers:
REBA (first & foremost-her MUSIC got me to listen to Country!) KEITH URBAN (its’ the accent, the voice and those JEANS he wears doesn’t hurt either!) Gary Allan and Terri Clark!

Favorite Country Song:
Reba’s “AND STILL”

Do you only like Country Music:
No, I love all genres of Music, especially River Dance! ( however I can’t really jig like I used too, BAD KNEES)

Most important PERSONAL GOAL:
I hope to get on SURVIVOR one day and be the FIRST PERSON VOTED OFF!

Are you Single?
On Tuesday, Thursdays and sometimes Sunday’s after CHURCH!

If you could have one wish what would it be for?:
I would have to say “WORLD PEAS”…I’ve never had any but I hear all the Beauty Pageant Contestants talking about them, so they must BE REALLY REALLY GOOD!

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