Bush Beans

· Winn DIxie / 1531 Monument Road
· Saturday, November 3, 2012
· 11am-1pm

Join Steve Sutton and 99.9 Gator Country for the Bush Beans remote at Winn Dixie (1531 Monument Road).  Come out and sample some delicious Bush Beans and win Bush Beans aprons and products!

Bush’s Baked Beans are the perfect complement to Gameday favorites like tangy wings, sizzlin’ brats and juicy burgers.  When you’re planning a Gameday spread, remember the Bush’s Baked Beans. Slow-cooked according to the Bush’s Secret Family Recipe. They’re the perfect complement to all your favorite Gameday foods.

No matter what team you root for, you just can’t lose with Bush’s Baked Beans. So, serve your friends and family the crowd pleaser that’ll have them coming back for more: Bush’s Baked Beans.

Are you ready for Gameday? You are with the guaranteed crowd pleaser: Bush’s Baked Beans.

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