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Always & Forever


Who is in this picture with you? My Hero & Husband
Who will you be with 'til your last day and why? I will be loving my best friend, my lover, my husband Kelly till my last day. We have been married for 16 years, and we have four children, two biological, and two special needs children we adopted. We have remained strong through so many trials in the military and now my husband is set to retire next summer after serving 20 years of his life. Justin Moore's song Small Town USA has always been a favorite of ours, it helps us remember that while we can't always be home in our small town, we are working our way back to that simple life we have longed for so long. I am proud of the man my husband is, his sacrifices, his determination, his faith and commitment to his family and his country. I would love to treat him to a night out on the town with Justin Moore and thank him for giving us a song to hold onto until our service is complete. Thank you 99.9 Gator for the opportunity!
Submitted by Regina Bradley from Middleburg On 10/25/2012  · This has been rated 148 times.